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Blog Bucket List

Blog Bucket List

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So as I have already mentioned, this blog is really all about figuring out how to make the most of my time here on the little earth. I’m not gonna lie, lately life has been tough. Not tough, like I can’t afford to eat tough or that I am battling a life threatening illness tough. I recognize that there are people out there that have REAL problems that require REAL strength…my problems pale in comparison. But, nonetheless, I can’t seem to shake ‘em and they are invading my happiness. Enough is enough.

...heard that

...heard that

What are these said problems, you ask? I suppose I have the classic “mom” problem. You are thinking, “You have outdated jeans and wear white tennis shoes with every outfit?”  No….well yes…but that is not the problem I am referring to.  My problem is that I am overwhelmed.



Since having my son 2 ½ years ago, either work or motherhood has consumed my day. My job requires a lot of long days and weekends to get things done. Of course with a cute, growing toddler just waiting for me to walk in the door, the last thing I want to do is stay late or work when I get home. The end result of my predicament? Guilt. Truckloads of it. You would think I was a practicing Catholic with the amount of guilt I feel on a day-to-day basis. ;). When I am working I feel bad that my lessons are not better prepared or that stack of grading isn’t completed. When I come home I feel bad that I don’t really know what my son learned today or where his left sock is.

To try and give more to my job and family, I have slowly given away parts of me. To spend more time with my son, I would skip going to my workout class. To make sure I had my report card comments done, I would forgo dinner with friends. You know the drill. Add in a nice dose of a particularly bad Beijing winter (cold and POLLUTED) and being 5,000 miles away from those that know and love you best and you have yourself a nice little dollop of depression.

So the following lists are the little goals I have set for myself to help me crawl out of the hole. Notably absent form this list are any items pertaining directly to my son or job (which I am already starting to feel guilty about. But…nope…this list isn’t about them, it is about reclaiming a little bit more of myself.

Home Bucket list

  1. Schedule a date night with hubby once a month. Put it on the calendar and honor it.

  2. Host dinner party for friends – gonna aim for once a month, even if super casual.

  3. Tackle Beau Beau’s room – paint, hang pictures, buy bedding and do somethin’ creative/crafty in there.

Body Bucket List

  1. Exercise 3 x a week – Spinning, Step, Yoga

  2. Protein for breakfast

  3. Limit beverages to water, coffee, wine –and mostly just water!

  4. Wash face as soon as I get home from work and put on magic anti-aging potions before bed

Soul Bucket List

  1. Save for a DSLR camera

  2. Take Photography class

  3. Learn Photoshop

  4. Buy sewing machine

  5. Blog 3-4 times a week

  6. Make a Photo yearbook 212-2013

Material List:

  1. time

  2. 1 calendar

  3. friends

  4. a few babysitters

  5. at least a gallon of motivation

  6. a splash of good fortune

The anti-material list:

  1. Facebook – you are a time suck. You are dead to me (at least for the next 30 days)

  2. Excuses – seriously…no more.

Okay so that is it. I will be checking in and updating you (which by the way is no one since I haven’t actually told anyone about this blog) on my progress. It’ll keep me honest. And hey…you have a good day. Carpe Diem and what not. 

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