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Weekend Update with Ditty Fey

Weekend Update with Ditty Fey

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In my last post I blogged about some little goals for myself to help inspire me to dig myself out of the Beijing winter blues. Almost a week has gone flown by so I thought I would update you on my progress. As you will soon discover, I have had some major successes this week but there is definite room for improvement. Baby steps folks…baby steps.

Lets start with the areas that need a little more attention (a.k.a. failures):

  1. Date night with the husband has yet to even be discussed, let along scheduled on a calendar.

  2. Which brings me to the calendar I was suppose to acquire….I don’t have that either.  Whoops.

  3. Hosting a dinner party has failed to even cross my mind. I have lots of excuses for this one but I am not allowed to use excuses anymore so I guess I just will suck it up and invite people over to eat my very average cooking. Does it count that I am going to a dinner party tomorrow night? That must count for something. Half marks at least.

  4. I am no closer to buying/using a sewing machine than I was a week ago. However, in my defense, this is not the world’s easiest task to achieve in China. First things first I have to figure out where to buy it. In fact I am gonna make this is my new goal: getting the beta on where in this gynormous city I can purchase a sewing machine for a reasonable price.

Now onto what I am titling semi-successes:

  1. I did go to spinning once this week. Not gonna lie this was painful and I did not love it. But I did it. Once. While once is better than not at all, it is not gonna cut it. Unless, of course, muffin tops become the new black.

  2. Blogging regularly has also been a bit of a struggle. Considering that the week is almost done and this is my first post, I am tempted to categorize this under the “failure” column but again, I didn’t totally fail. Gonna try to get in one more before the week is done-zo.

  3. Face Washing. Why is this so hard for me? It is really a one, maybe two, minute task but, man, I am so bad at this. As a general rule, I am low-functioning after 8 pm. For me, doing anything more than simply crawling into bed is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest on ice skates with a pig strapped to my back. Okay. I am exaggerating but it does feel so much harder than it is. This week I have been better, but not great. Gotta step it up. Adult acne is really not attractive.


  1. I have not had ANY soda since my last post! Woot Woot! Unnecessary calories. I would much rather spend these on chocolate chips cookies (which believe me, I have done!). Actually this has not been that hard. I am tempted but for some reason I am staying strong on this one.

  2. Facebook. I have not logged onto Facebook since my last post. Instead I have spent more time on Pinterest and reading other blogs. Not sure if this really satisfies the ultimate goal of removing the time-suckageness from my Internet habits but it is a start. I feel like Facebook time wasting is equivalent to watching soap operas. Whereas Pinterest time wasting is akin to watching HGTV. Both are gigantic time-sucks but you leave one feeling inspired and the other feeling like a schmuck with a boring name.

  3. The biggest success is that I signed up for a photography/photoshop class! It was as if the stars aligned perfectly to help me achieve this little goal. I went into work Monday morning to find that a photography/photoshop workshop was being offered this weekend at my school. I signed up immediately and I am pretty excited about it. Hopefully my next post will be full of all sorts of fun things that I learned. 

So all in all, I’d say it has been a successful week; full of a few surprises and a few obstacles too. While there is definitely room for improvement, I am happy to have taken some baby steps towards regaining a bit of myself. Already feelin’ a little bit better.

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