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Nursery Mood Board

Nursery Mood Board

Nursery Ideas

Hey y’all! Firstly, do you like my mood board?

I’m so excited that I actually learned how to make one of these bad boys! I have always admired them on Pinterest and other folks’ blogs but didn’t think I was tech savvy enough to actually make one on Photoshop. As it turns out, I am not tech savvy enough to make one on Photoshop. I tried it. It was a big bust.

But…thankfully, instead of grading papers today, I procrastinated and read this blog post by my girl* Dana from House*Tweaking. I love it when the stars align and the universe paves a nice little path for you. I had just been thinking to myself that I wanted to improve my photography skills. If I am totally honest, the precise thoughts that went through my head were, “Damn, I suck at photography. I should quit” (Why is quitting my default mode?).  And then this post comes along. Not only did she inspire me to do something about my photography skills but she included a link to a tutorial she did outlining how to make a mood board! What? How did she know I needed this in my life?

Anyway, it probably seems silly to be so excited about making a mood board, but I am! If you, too, have a mood board fetish and wanna learn a quick and easy way to make your own, go to Dana’s blog and start with Part I – The Making of a Mood Board. She goes through everything in super clear, simple steps. She is my hero.

So, back to my creation. I made this to help me plan for our new little baby’s nursery. Many of the items above we already have. Many of them have been sitting in one or more of my virtual shopping carts for a while now just waiting for me to pull the trigger (i.e. convince Brado that newborn babies need cute things in their lives). Let me break it down for you:

  1. Etsy Art: There are actually 4 pieces on this board that I love and that will soon find their way onto our little one’s walls. Consider them purchased.

  2. Fabric for curtains: Curtain fabric is the thing I keep going back and forth on but I think that I have finally settled on this one. I am a little worried that it will compete with the rug but I think I’m gonna give it a shot. Of course, this is not available in China and I would need to ship it to my parents house and then either have them ship it to me (for some ungodly amount of money) or I will have to wait until I go home for the summer so I can bring it back home with me in my luggage. The need-it-now side of me is strongly rationalizing paying the ridiculous shipping costs.

  3. Ikea ceiling light: bought but not yet installed.

  4. Crib: this one is from Ikea but ours is actually one that we bought secondhand and had painted white.

  5. Chair: also an Ikea chair. We have a similar but slightly nicer version of this chair that we go made when Beau was a baby. It comes with a little ottoman and makes for a nice little spot to sit and nurse or read books.

  6. Rug: Ikea yet again (notice a theme?). This was actually one of the main sources of inspiration for this room. I just love how cheerful it is.

  7. Crib Flat Sheet and Changing Pad: from Land of Nod. I have not purchased these yet…but I will…and Brado will wonder why they cost so much. But it is non-negotiable. I love this pattern and the colors.

  8. Dresser: Ikea. We already own it.

  9. Blue Garden Stool: we can get stuff like this from our little flower market. Might go this weekend to pick up this little beauty.

  10. Bookcase: Ikea. Own it. Assembled it with my bare hands, in fact. Just gotta fill it with fun stuff.

So there you have it folks…my plan for the nursery. Still have to make some choices regarding the wall paint color. Y’all have any ideas? I’m thinking very light and neutral. Either a beige or a grey…or maybe even a greige.  Time will tell.

Okay lovelies, go get your mood board on. It is fun…promise!

*Dana is my girl in the same way that Tina Fey is my girl… and that is to say, she does not know me at all but I am pretty confident that, if she did, we would be best friends.

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