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Moody? Join the Club.

Moody? Join the Club.

30 Week Pregnancy Mood Board

As part of the point of this blog is to document my life, I thought it might be worth taking a closer look at one very significant new development. Well, relatively new, anyway.

As part of the point of this blog is to document my life, I thought it might be worth taking a closer look at one very significant new development. Well, relatively new, anyway.

Bumpty Bump

Bumpty Bump

Technically, this little gal has been developing for the last 30 weeks or so. But it is just now starting to get very, very real. As a result I have pregnancy and babies on the brain. What this means for you, of course, is that you are about to get hit with a belly update. And probably a few more after that.

But this is not just ANY run-of-the-mill belly update. For instance, I am not going to show you cute profile shots of how my belly has expanded over the past 30 weeks (mainly because I never took those photos and, even if I had, I am not convinced they would qualify as “cute”).

I am not going to reveal my inner-most worries and fears about becoming a mama again (mind you…that post IS coming…because this mama has MANY fears).

I am not going to update you on the progress of my adorable little nursery that I wrote about in this post. This would be due to the fact that there has been approximately zero to no change in that room since I wrote that post.

So what is left? What else could I possibly have left to share? Well, my friends, in case you were waiting for someone to create a totally useless, biased pregnancy mood board…you are in luck. Today is your day!

I have received many* requests asking me to reveal all those things that I am currently craving as a 30 week pregnant, almost 37 year-old, China-residing, 2nd time mama-to-be. Of course, I can’t let down my readers** so I will happily oblige.

* none

**Jess and Catie

The Things I Desperately Want Right Now or 30 week Pregnancy Mood Board

1. A doctor’s note saying I was forbidden to go to work and mainly just need to stay in bed, but that also mandated regular shopping outings and occasional social gatherings.

2. All the things that I do not own or have not recently purchased on my nursery mood board. Many of these items I am trying to be responsible about, by not purchasing them right now. Mostly because it seems silly to pay crazy shipping costs for items that I can easily pick up (for way cheaper) when I am at home this summer. Brado assures me that a 1 month old baby will not know the difference if their room is decorated cutely or not. I am not so convinced. I would like to see the research on that. And even if he is right, never mind that insignificant detail, I WANT TO NEST, damn it! I know myself, I won’t feelready unless that little room is pretty. Which means I will probably go ahead and order all that stuff this weekend. Will power is my middle name.

3. A foot massage. I don’t actually want the foot cream (unless it comes with a person attached to it who is willing to slather it all over my feet). Technically this little item is being satisfied as we speak. Why I do not do this every Friday after work is a complete mystery. Actually, no it is not. Normally, I am not pregnant. Which means, normally  I’m three deep in Pinot Grigio right now.  Anyway, remember how I said here that there are at least two great things about China? Well, getting a cheap foot massage is one of them. The other is a full-body massage. Just kidding. Sorta. But seriously, I am currently getting a full hour foot massage and it will only cost me about 25 USD. Woot woot! #winning

4. A Passport Fairy. What I crave more than anything right now is knowing FOR SURE that I will be able to hop on a plane on June 18th bound for the States, with my husband and 2 (ACK!) children. At the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this. I won’t bore you with the details but essentially having a new baby overseas means you have to get them a passport before you leave the country. Actually, in our case, the passport is not the issue. It is the Chinese visa that tends to take forever to process. Anyway, I am holding out hope that I have stored up enough good karma that things will work out. Fingers crossed. But if you happen to know any passport/visa fairies, please send them my way.

5. Belly Pillow. It seems excessive to buy a huge pillow that you only really need for like 3 months. But dang, I want one. Is it as amazing as it looks? Because it looks like heaven.

6. Larger Pants. Really this image should be of sweatpants. Because, lets be honest, I don’t wake up in the morning and CRAVE stuffing myself into anything but sweatpants. But even just larger pants would do. What does it mean when even your maternity pants feel too tight. Too many sundaes (see point 9)? Yeah. You are probably right. Stay tuned for a lot of weight loss posts come July.

7.  Milton’s Bread. Okay, admittedly this is not a pregnancy craving. This is a year round, day and night craving. There are 2 things that I DESPERATELY miss when abroad. One is Annie’s Goddess Dressing (which we actually hoard when we are home and bring back to China with us). The other is this bread. What I would give for a piece of this bread, lightly toasted and smeared with some butter and jam. Yum.

8. The newest complete season of Game of Thrones and/or Nashville. I love them both equally. Drama. Angsty teenagers with lots of power. Okay that is where the similarities end between these two shows. Anyway, I am in need of a marathon couch-DVD session. Let’s see…how old is Beau? 3 years. Yeah. It has been at least that long since I have just sat down on the couch and watched a season straight. I realize this is a total pipe dream. I also realize that it is probably not healthy to aspire to be so lazy. Whatevs. It’ll be another 15+ years until I have one of those again anyways. Sigh.

9. McDonald’s soft serve vanilla sundae with chocolate sauce. This one I can’t explain. I can’t explain why it has to be McDonald’s soft serve, but it does. Now don’t go gettin’ all judgey mcjudgerson on me. I know that it is probably made with the same ingredients used to make yoga mats.  I never rarely don’t usually eat these. I normally have some (tiny) semblance of will power. But, dang, if there isn’t some sort of crack-like substance that they have laced these with that specifically activates the part of a pregnant woman’s brain that is responsible for making bad decisions.

10. Shoes. Not necessarily these shoes but just shoes that aren’t Uggs or flip flops. Here is the thing…I am not a real girl. I don’t care about shoes (or handbags really). I wear what is the most comfortable. This means I wear Uggs in the winter and flip flops in the summer. The end. The problem is that Beijing is creeping into spring time. It is too cool for flip flops and too warm for Uggs, especially when preggers. So I need comfy in-between shoes. Or I need to be carried. Either one works for me.

So there you have it. My 30 Week Pregnancy Mood Board. Anybody else out there find themselves addicted to McDonald’s soft serve? What did you do to kick the habit? Do tell. My pants don’t fit.



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