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Pure Unadultureated Awesomeness

Pure Unadultureated Awesomeness

There are seriously so many amazing and awesome things in this world of ours. Think about it: Coffee, Egyptian cotton, freshly fallen snow, HGTV, color runs, babysitters, funnel cakes…the list is endless. But what happens when so many awesome things collide in one fun-filled 5 day excursion to Thailand?

Pure happiness, that’s what.

So what made it so awesome? Let me provide you with a pictorial essay:

  1. Fresh Air

This is not Beijing

This is not Beijing

Kick ass breakfast buffets complete with a Bloody Mary Bar (that I did not partake in, but appreciated from a far).

vodka bottle.jpg
bread brown.jpg

Morning walks (waddles?) on unspoiled beaches

morning beach.jpg

Beautiful Thai furniture

furniture 10.jpg

Tired, cute kids sitting on beautifulThai furniture

baby furniture.jpg

Watching your kid play in the sand

sand kid.jpg
playing kid.jpg
actor kid.jpg

Delicious Thai food delivered to your room (no picture as I am somewhat opposed to taking pictures of my food, mostly because it prohibits me from stuffing my face right away).

  1. Tropical plants and flowers

flower 10.jpg

Sleeping babies with chunky thighs

sleeping baby.jpg

Birthdays, Beers and Pools

beer party.jpg

Water slides

sliding baby.jpg
sliding guy.jpg

Maternity Bathing Suits (viewer discretion advised. On second thought, picture censored to protect innocent eyes)

  1. Beach Sunsets

sun morning.jpg

VPNless, high-speed Internet which allows you to find numbers 15, 16 and 17

  1. This

  2. This Rug

  3. Finding a website that will deliver Annie’s Goddess Dressing to your door in China!


Mango and Sticky Rice with coconut ice-cream (no picture, see point 7).

  1. Being thrown around the pool like a rag doll

jump baby.jpg

Feeling the baby inside you wiggle and squirm and knowing that the next vacation we take, we’ll be a family of four.

beach chill.jpg

Thanks, once again, for an amazing vacation Thailand! You sure do know how to make a girl smile! Until next time…

Spring Sprucing

Spring Sprucing