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The Great House Hunt

The Great House Hunt

Okay. Let’s do a little visualization exercise.

I want you to close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. And……….. exhale.

Now…I want you to imagine it is 3 weeks ago. I want you to picture what you were doing. Where you were. Who you were with. How you were feeling.

Got it?

Okay…now I want your 3 week-ago self to read this post and just pretend that the information is all current and up to date. Sound good?

Secretly, we both know that a world of things have happened in the space of those missing 3 weeks but that, my friends, is for another day….a day probably 3 weeks from now.

Okay, 3 weeks-ago self…are you ready? Here we go…

As I mentioned here, Brado and I are in Bend, Oregon doing a little house hunting.





Except that there are no houses to hunt so basically we are just eating yummy food, visiting friends, going on bike rides and trying to write blog posts in between cuddles with a certain attention-seeking 1 year old.



This all probably sounds terribly fun, unless of course, all you want to do is hunt for a house. It is a cruel, cruel world when you have saved and saved, finally squirreling away enough to buy a house, and then…whomp whomp…there are no houses to buy.

Correction: There are lots of houses to buy. They just either cost a cool million or are located on a lot with sweeping views of the main highway through town.

So instead of house hunting, we have just been sitting around waiting. Waiting and wondering and wishing.

And let’s just say that waiting is not my forte. I like things to happen fast. Like… yesterday.

Truth be told we actually did hunt one house and got super close to getting it. In fact, it was the very first house we saw. We fell hard and fast for that little brown bungalow up on the hill. It was so darn perfect.

In the car on the way to Bend, we had made a house wish list to help us guide search. Here were the must-haves and the would-be-nice-to-haves:

Our Must Haves:

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms

  • Lots of natural light

  • Outside space- patio, deck, fence

  • Laundry Room – Washer/Dryer

  • Garage

  • Living/family room with decent bit of space

  • Basically move in ready – can have some some cosmetic fixes but nothing too major.

  • At least 1400 sq ft – no bigger than 2,000 sq ft.

  • West side of Bend – bike-able to shops, cafes, parks

  • Under 400 K

Would be nice, but could live without it:

  • Hot tub

  • High ceilings in living/family room

  • Fireplace/wood stove

  • Hardwood floors

  • Mature trees – wooded yard

  • Lockable storage space

  • Low maintenance yard

So when we reviewed our wish list after seeing the little brown bungalow, we were sold. The only thing this house didn’t have was a fireplace and hardwood floors; both things we could add later if we wanted. Y’all, it was perfect.

And get this…as we toured the house we started to realize that the homeowners must be avid travelers. They had all these cool collections, global trinkets and woven tapestries. Brado even at one point said casually, “These people definitely travel. I bet the owners are international teachers too”.

Lo and behold…they were! Seriously, what are the chances?

We wrote a letter to the sellers and made a really solid offer. It seemed that the stars had aligned so perfectly for us on this little house hunting adventure.

Except that they hadn’t.

[Cash offer…enter stage right]

There were two offers made on the house: ours and the one that was for STRAIGHT CASH (which the sellers had actually mentioned was their preference because they were about to close on a house elsewhere).

For obvious reasons, the cash offer was accepted over ours. Our real estate agent mentioned that they were moved by our letter and story and really wanted to give it to us but they simply needed to make the responsible choice.

Truly, we were (are?) so depressed. Heartbroken, is actually a more accurate description.

In fact, the feelings we have been experiencing since our offer was rejected have so perfectly mimicked that of being broken-up with that we started to realize that house hunting is basically EXACTLY like dating. Except more expensive.

Think about it. At first glance, there are lots of options. You feel optimistic and confident that you will end up with something (or someone) perfect. So you get out there and go on some dates. But that one is just too big. And that one is way too quirky. That one has potential but, man, it would take a lot of time and energy to get it where you want it to be. And don’t even get me started on that one; it is just never gonna work. And, yeah that one…over there…sure, on paper it ticks all the boxes but it still just doesn’t feel right.

And then you meet the one. It isn’t perfect, but it is perfect for you. You just know that this is it. You try not to get too emotionally attached…you don’t want to jump to any conclusions. But you soon find that you can’t help yourself; it is all you can think about it.

You make plans. You picture the future. You feel cautiously overjoyed.

Until, out of the blue, you get dumped. And just like that, your world fades to black. And you find yourself alone in a closet in the middle of the night binge-eating Cheetos and listening to Joni Mitchell.

You spend the first day of rejection in a foggy tonic of sadness, anger and shock. You ask yourself why? You wonder if you could you have done something differently to change the outcome? You even find yourself starting to contemplate the various ways you could inflict pain on the new girlfriend….errrrr….homeowner.

But days turn into weeks and slowly, you come to your senses and you make attempts to move on. You get back out there. You open your mind to new options.

But everything is different now. Now you are playing the comparison game. It is a blessing and a curse; the fact that you have experienced real love. Now, you can’t settle. You know when it is right and when it is not.

So you wait. And try and find ways to distract yourself while you wait.

You go camping.



You take in pretty views.



You kick it with good friends.







And you drink wine. Lots of wine.

So that’s where we’re at….drunk and nursing our wounded broken hearts. Hoping, but not holding our breathe, that our price charming dream house is waiting in the wings. Only time will tell folks.

Okay…fast-forward 3 weeks to today. I don’t want to jinx myself, but…maybe…just maybe…we have found something else.

Something even better.

Cross your fingers. We will be sure to keep you posted.



Being Mind-Full

Being Mind-Full