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Laundry Room Plans

Laundry Room Plans

Full disclosure: the image above is not mine. I do not own the photo or the laundry room. Original source can be found here.

I might be dating myself…but do you remember the movie ‘Dazed and Confused’? If not, here is the short plot line: coming of age story filled with good music, loads of teenage awkwardness and angst, all set in the backdrop the drug-induced seventies. It is a classic. Especially if you, once upon a time, used to make your own patchwork clothing and sell it out of the trunk of your car in order to pay for concert tickets (#truestory).

Anyway, do you remember the scene where the one character, sitting in the back of the car, gets asked what he wants to do with his life and he says, <dramatic pause> “I wanna dance”?

Yeah. I TOTALLY relate to that guy. Except that I don’t want to dance. I mean, nothing against dancing. I love dancing. Especially to Bruno Mars in my living room with Beau busting moves on my right and Finley breaking it down on my left. Dance parties are our jam. But I don’t want to pursue that as a career.

So if you asked me…what DO you want to do with your life, Ditty? My response, while similar to the emotional frequency of the character in the movie, would be different. I would feel compelled to say:

I wanna renovate a room.

To be perfectly clear, I don’t want to renovate rooms for a living either. Or maybe I do? I have no idea because I have never had the opportunity to do it! We have lived overseas for the past 12 years. Which means we have lived in rental properties. Which means renovation is not an option. Which means that my life is meaningless. Just kidding. But for real, call it the Fixer Upper Factor or the HGTV Effect, I just need to scratch this itch.

So, now that we have our very own home in Bend, Oregon, I just want to renovate ALL THE THINGS! Partially just because I can, but mostly because our home does desperately need some updating. Take the kitchen, for example:


Beige. Country-ish. Boring. It is sorta the home equivalent to Oklahoma.

Then there are the bathrooms. Totally functional but definitely stuck in 1985. For example:


I mean, look at that shower. It is time, people.

In my dream world, we would tackle the kitchen first. (Side note: in this world we would also not have to work, doughnuts would be healthy and Starbucks coffee would be freely dispensed in public taps. But that is another blog post). No doubt about it, a kitchen renovation would have the biggest impact on the look and functionality of our home. My dream kitchen would look something like this:

original source

original source

or like this blue beauty:

original source

original source

or like this simple stunner:

original source

original source

But that is a BIG and EXPENSIVE job. And we are rookie renovators. I think it is safe to say that we are not financially or emotionally ready for that task.

Instead, I started thinking about what room we could feasibly tackle this summer while we are home. A room that wouldn’t completely break the bank. A room that is begging for greater functionality. A room where some small-ish changes could lead to a significant improvement.

Enter our laundry room.

Before we deep dive into to all things laundry room, let me get you oriented. Our laundry room is located off of our dining/kitchen area and leads into our garage. 


When you enter from the dining room/kitchen, you are met with this view:


Just so you know all these photos were taken before we moved in but the laundry room is basically exactly the same as pictured here: beige cabinets, nothing on the walls, old linoleum floors.

It has a lot going for it in the space and natural light department. What it’s lacking, is beauty and functionality. I mean, while I don’t have anything against beige, I am gonna go out of a limb and say that this room could use a little more color.

When you round the corner to the left, you are staring at a door that leads to the so-far unused back deck. On the right, there is more storage and a big ol’ sink that apparently is a great place to store random sledding equipment.


Facing the other direction is the door that leads out to our garage. While our front entryway is charming…we never use it. Our laundry room is the very first thing we see when we enter our house. Hence, one of the reasons I want it to make it pretty.


Also, while it would be fun to get all Chip and Joanna and demo the whole damn thing, I don’t think that is in the budget. Instead, the plan is to use the existing layout but greatly improve how it functions for our family.

On that note, let’s talk about our needs for this room:

We need:

  • Storage. This is the only real storage space in our house so it needs to function accordingly. We need a place to store: snow gear, grocery bags, cleaning supplies, tools, laundry detergent

  • A place to hang clothes that we don’t want to dry. Right now I end up hanging wet clothes over the railing in our living room. I probably don’t need to tell you that this looks extremely tacky.

  • A place to put dirty clothes, dish towels etc… Currently, we just rest a laundry basket on top of the washer and throw things in there. But again, Do we really want to see a pile of dirty clothes as soon as we walk in the door. As the primary laundress of the house, I can confidently tell you, “No we do not”.

  • A place to hang our coats and bags. Because bags and coats don’t look great just scattered on the floor.

  • A place to put our shoes. See the same rationale used above.

  • A bench so we can sit down and put our shoes on. Honestly, this would make me feel like I have arrived; like I have made it. It would be a status symbol really.

  • A Persian rug. Just cuz.

What we don’t need:

  • A desk. Who puts a desk in a laundry room? What kind of insanity is that?

My vision for this room looks something like this:


We would also paint, do all new flooring, add new light fixtures and build some custom shoe storage system on the back wall (OMG. I sound JUST like Joanna).  What do you think? Nothing is set in stone. Shoot, it is not even set in stone that we will actually DO the renovation this summer. But it is fun to dream. And make mood boards. I seriously LOVE making mood boards (Do you need a mood board? I will totally make it for you!). In case you are interested, below you will find a list of the items I sourced and their prices. Now…who wants to come stay with us this summer and teach us how to renovate?

Source List

Kitchen Faucet: Ikea; $199

Kitchen Sink: Ikea; $289

Birch Butcher Block Countertop: Ikea; 120-150 per piece

Cabinets: Ikea; price varies depending on style and needs

Art: Minted; $67 for 16×20

Tile: Bert and May; $147 per m2

Light Fixture: Rejuvenation; $254

Hardware: The Hardware Hut; $13.41 per pull

Rug: The Woven Home; $580 for 3’6 x 5’0

Storage Bench: Ikea; $289

Porcelain Tile: Wayfair;

Pillow: The Woven Home; $130

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