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5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

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One night, back in March of 2013, I sat down and wrote my first blog post.

I was petrified; so scared of putting myself “out there”…into the universe.

Which is seriously so funny to me now because no one even knew (not even my husband) that I had a blog, so it is not like anyone would actually be reading it.

I wrote a few posts here and there, but never really committed to the whole blog thing. I mean, you kind of have to have at least one person know about and/or read your blog in order for it to actually be considered a blog. Right?

Then, in January of 2014, I decided to give blogging another shot. But this time, I gave the link to a few select friends and family members so they could follow along. You can read the post I wrote to welcome them here.

Again, I was petrified. Sending them the link to my blog and exposing myself was one of the hardest things I had ever done.

Which again, now, feels ridiculous. These were my friends and family. They were going to be nothing but supportive. But that didn’t matter, I was scared out of my mind.

It took another 2 months before I built up enough courage to go “public”. I posted this post on Facebook and introduced my blog to the world. Or, at least, my world.

Ask my husband…I was practically hyperventilating. The fear of hitting publish was absolutely overwhelming.

But I did it. And I have lived to tell about it.

I am not exaggerating when I say that over the past few years, this blog has saved me. I know that might sound extreme. I mean, it is not as though before this blog I was wallowing in despair or suffering greatly. I wasn’t. But I was feeling a bit lost. And a bit bored. And just generally unfulfilled.

Then along came this blog. All the sudden I was inspired to learn and get creative. All at once, I felt motivated and energetic.  This blog helped me restore my sense of self; that part of you that so often gets lost when you have children. This blog has provided me with a place to be heard, voice frustrations and share the love. It has helped me to forge new friendships and reconnect with old ones. It has served as a time capsule and has graciously stored my most precious memories.

Simply put, it has become such a source of joy in my life.

Was it scary? Absolutely. It still is. My last post addresses this little point at, probably, nauseating length.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Okay…so I know that blogging might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you hate writing. Or you hate spending your free time staring at a computer screen. Or you hate blogs. Or you hate joy. (Just kidding on that last one). For you all, I say…carry on; blogging is probably not for you.

But here is what else I know: I know that there is someone out there right now, reading this post, that desperately wants to start a blog. But this person (is this person you?) won’t because of any or all of the following reasons*:

  • They are too scared

  • They are afraid of being judged

  • They are afraid of being laughed at

  • They feel like they don’t have anything worthwhile to say

  • They are a bad speller

  • They don’t know how to take good photographs

  • They need a haircut

  • They don’t know what a widget is

  • They don’t have enough time

  • They feel like it would not be worth all the time, money and energy

  • They wouldn’t even know where to begin

Yada, yada, yada. This list is endless.

*this list, BTW, was totally inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s list in her book Big Magic. If you do not already own this book run, don’t walk, to purchase it today. So good.

Well, kids…let me tell you something: While these are all valid feelings, they are not good reasons for sitting on the blogging sidelines.

How do I know?

I know because I had every one of the feelings listed up there (and WAAAAAAY more) and somehow, I also have a blog.

A blog that I love.

A blog that is, sort of weirdly, changing my life.


So for those of you sitting in should-I-start-a-blog-purgatory, I wanted to give you 5 reasons to get started TODAY!



  1. You can TOTALLY do this! You can. I'm not special. And, no offense, but neither are you. You are no different than any other person on this planet with a blog. You can do this. Fact.

  2. Fear is totally f@cking with you. Fear is like that obnoxious kid on the bus that puts stuff in your hair and calls you names. Fear just wants to own you and see you get all flustered. But, I promise, if you just stand up to Fear and tell him to eff off, guess what? He stops. And usually, he starts crying like a little baby. Fear is actually kind of a wuss. And such a dick. Don't let Fear win.

  3. You will already be guaranteed one reader…me! Nothing would make me happier than to follow along with your blog.

  4. Your future-self will thank you. Your future-self will one day be sitting in their (your?) house while their child naps, typing away on a blog post and will stop and think, "I am so happy I found the courage to press publish. Thanks, past-self, for being so damn courageous. You rock!".

  5. You don't have to do it alone. There are so many amazing resources out that there that can help you start a blog. One such resource is an ebook called 'Building a Framework'. It was written by Abby Lawson. She has a very successful blog and business, but once upon a time she was just like you and me; kind of blog-clueless. Somewhere along the line, she put down all she had learned about blogging into a book and published it. Now, everyone can benefit from her hard work. She is super sweet like that. I did not read this book before I started my blog (only because I did not know it existed), but I wish I had. It would have saved me some serious time and reduced my frustrations. So here are three resources of hers that you can check out TODAY to get your blog up and running.

The first is this free guide called 5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic.Here Abby shares the kinds of posts that took her from zero pageviews to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month! And it is FREE! She is also offering a live Webinar training where you can learn how to choose your perfect blogging niche.

Lastly, there is THE book and e-course. Y'all. If you want to start a blog...read this! I am begging you! It does cost money (although she is offering a discounted price for the next week or so) but I promise you, it is an investment. Her insight and examples are so helpful and can help get any blogger or blogger-to-be started on the right track. And you better believe that I am about to read it all over again. It is THAT helpful!

Like I said, the Internet is FULL of great resources about starting a blog. Truly. But, in my very humble opinion, Abby's book is the best! She is just so darn relatable. It feels like you are learning from a friend! Full disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Abby's book. So if you purchase this product, I will get a small portion of that sale. Regardless of whether or not you purchase her book, I stand by what I said: if you want to start a blog, her book rocks!

Do you still need more convincing? Okay, fine. Here is one last reason to start a blog (or really do anything that you have been dying to do):

6. It might just change your life. It did mine.

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