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The Souky Souky Hiatus – Part I

The Souky Souky Hiatus – Part I

If you have been following my journey over the past few years, you know that I have been blogging (albeit inconsistently) for quite some time. I wrote my first post way back in March of 2013. Hard to believe that 6 years ago.

Over the past 6 years I have started and stopped and restarted this blog about 12,356 times. Sometimes I stopped because it wasn’t perfect and I felt foolish for even trying. Sometimes I stopped because I was just so busy with all the things – children, jobs, scrolling through Instagram ;). But my most recent hiatus was spawned by the need to scratch a different creative itch.

In November of 2017 I wrote my last blog post and told the world I was starting a business. Which I did. Souky Souky launched in that same month and I have been slinging pillows ever since. This endeavor has done so much for me, but what it didn’t do was leave a lot of spare time for blogging. This blog, once again, took a back seat to life. No posts.


Every year around March, I would get an email asking if I wanted to renew this blog. And for the last two years I felt silly paying the hefty fee and saying, “Yes. Renew it”. I mean, why? I wasn’t writing. People weren’t visiting it? What is the point?

There really wasn’t one. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to let it go. For me this has always been more than a blog. It is a time capsule. A diary of sorts. It has perfectly preserved so many precious moments. Not to mention that it is just difficult to say goodbye to something you, at one point in time, poured your heart and soul into. So I didn’t. I paid the stupid, expensive fee and just let it sit there. Like a moron. ;)

However, as the months turned into years something started to happen. I found myself really missing the days of sitting down to write this blog. I started to crave the mental exercise of finding creative ways to capture and pin down all my mind chaos.

I found myself wishing I had a record of the many moments I experienced over the past year and I half. We took some amazing vacations, my son broke his arm and, very sadly, my dad passed away. Big moments. And I didn’t stop to process them or write them down. Turns out if you don’t write them down…duh…they aren’t there to revisit at a later date. I was feeling disappointed in myself. I found myself wishing I had just stuck with it.

And then I had a genius light bulb moment. Why don’t I just try again? I already have a blog that I pay for. All I have to do is write something. Told ya…GENUIS!

 So here I am kids, back on the blogging horse. I have plans and goals and so much to tell you!  

 Firstly, I can’t want to update you on all things Souky Souky. It only makes sense to pick up where I left off so long ago?

Way back in 2017, I left this blog to chase down a different dream. Did I do it? Was it hard? Do I love it? Hate it? Are my pillows going to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens?


I’m going to be sharing ALL the stuff in tomorrow’s blog post, so tune in people. Better yet, subscribe to this blog to never miss a post! I promise not to spam you or sell your contact information to sketchy people on the Internet. I don’t even know how to do that…but even if I did, I wouldn’t. That is how much I love ya!

So until tomorrow…

P.S. Have I mentioned how good it feels to be back?  

The Souky Souky Hiatus – Part II

The Souky Souky Hiatus – Part II

The War of Art

The War of Art