Me. Working on my tan…not this blog.

Me. Working on my tan…not this blog.


Homebody & Soul is back…but not “ready”

Do you constantly find yourself on that never ending quest for “readiness”?  Maybe you don’t feel “ready” to apply for that leadership position job because you aren’t totally qualified.  Or you aren’t ready to have guests over because your house isn’t really “done”. Or the real biggies…you don’t feel ready to get married/have a child/adopt a guinea pig etc.…

I think many of us are “waiters”. We wait till we are “ready”; until the timing is perfect. I know I am. I like to feel ready. Prepared. Qualified. I want it to be perfect before I leap. As if perfection ever saved anyone from judgment or disappointment (spoiler alert: it hasn’t).

Well, having had the great fortune of being around the sun a few times, I now know that there is never a “perfect” time. There is always more to do, learn, experience. Readiness is something that you can chase, but you can never REALLY catch it.  

Instead of waiting we need to train ourselves to just do the thing. Go for the job. Invite the guests. Adopt the guinea pig.

Now, if you are reading this and you are 16…I need to make it clear that I am not saying that you should run out and have a baby. Dear God…don’t do that. YOU ARE NOT READY.

But for the rest us…we need to stop being so darn precious about it all. We need to stop acting like all of this stuff is more important than it actually is. It is just a job. It is just a dinner. It is just a child (JK! JK!).  

Which brings me to this little website here. Back in May, I started to dabble with the idea of relaunching this website. I wrote posts. I redesigned the logo and the look of the site. I did all the things. Rather, I did a lot of the things but dang if there aren’t just SO MANY THINGS to do. So when summer hit and holiday mode kicked in, my momentum took a freaking nose dive. My tan, however, is on point.

The point is is now 3 months later and my blog is still not done. There are missing links and pictures that, if you click on them, will literally take you nowhere.  Basically, it is not ready.

But here is the thing…I am.

I am ready to start writing again. I am ready to share all my yays and dang-its and teardrops and life with you. I mean, I’m terrified…but ready.

So against my better judgement, I am making this website live today. If you choose to poke around on there, you will soon find out that it is not (I repeat, NOT!) done. But…f#% it. I think I’m done waiting for “done”. Bring on the progress and imperfection.